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:iconkami-conda:Kami-ConDA posted a status
DESIGN CONTEST | $100 Cash Prize

Hidy-ho, congoers! Another year, another design contest! What's this year's theme?

.... What? What do you mean we don't have a theme? What do you mean the ENTIRE UNIVERSE was reset? What do you mean Shio and Kosho now live in an alternate reality where Extreme Sci-Fi flourished?? WHAT DO YOU MEAN THEY NEED NEW BASE DESIGNS???



It would appear that Shio and Kosho now live in the Extreme Sci-Fi reality, and need designs to match.

It would also appear that money is more rampant here because GUESS WHAT we're offering $100 for each winning design! That means that you (Yes, YOU!) could win $200!!! Whaaaaat! That's insane!

So here's the details:

We want new base designs for Shio and Kosho! These are Shio & Kosho v2.0, rebranded with the new universe.
Winning designs will be used for official Shio and Kosho artwork for Season 9, and also be made into FULL-FLEDGED COSPLAYS to be worn by our congirls during the skits and at the con!

Here are some guidelines to help you out:
- The story this year is that the universe has been rebooted into one where Extreme Sci-Fi mentalities and themes have fluorished. They need outfits to match. What that means is up to YOU! Surprise us.
- Shio's color scheme is typically red/pink, white, and yellow.
- Kosho's color scheme is typically purple, black, and blue.
- While the design does not need to prominently display a star or moon, Shio needs to have some sort of star adornment in her hair, and Kosho must have some sort of crescent moon adornment in her hair.
- Outfit designs must be family friendly to PG-13. Nothing too revealing!

- We are awarding two $100 prizes, one for each congirl. You can submit just Shio, just Kosho, or both together!
- You may submit as many designs as you like.
- You can submit anything from a scribbled sketch to a fully colored design. Everything will be judged!

For art references, scroll through our Story section and take a look at each year's designs!

Yes! That means you can win TWICE!
(You can also trade your $100 cash prize for a guaranteed, free spot in Kami-Con's Artist Alley next year!)

Outfit designs are due by Wednesday, March the 30th at 11:59pm CST. No designs will be accepted after this time!
To submit your design(s), send an e-mail to with the subject Season 9 Design Contest.

You've got 2 weeks, so get arting! Winners will be announced shortly after the contest concludes.

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